History of the acquisition

Back in Early March the owner of DeVco (Devryb) had reached the point he was no longer interested in focusing his attention to MineCraft. He approached the ToastyNetworks owner Rubbertjuh and asked if he were interested in taking over the assets, Staff, and Players at DeVco. Rubbertjuh jumped at the opportunity. From that point the Senior Staff at DeVco worked many hours with the Senior Staff at ToastyNetworks to plan out the detail and full acquisition of DeVco into Toasty. As of May 18th, we merged DeVco with ToastyNetworks.

If you have been a past player at DeVco, listed below are the changes that took place and where some are still being developed:



ToastyNetworks and DeVco have very similar rules, in fact DeVco changed the Rules the last 2 months of operation to match Toasty. The only exception was for PvP as Toasty Servers do NOT have PvP. Be sure to brush up and check them out here:


You will see many of the same faces and a LOT of new faces in the Staff on ToastyNetworks. The DeVco Admins that made the transition are now Senior Mods (Highest Rank equivalent to Admin at DeVco) and our DeVco Mods are Mods at Toasty, let them know you are here and are glad to see them on staff. The OPS Team that transitioned over are Axle2005 and myself (Prizzianna) and are still functioning in that category with the Toasty Team. BeavisBuilder stayed on board throughout the final transition to ensure everything ran smoothly before stepping out of MineCraft (He will be missed by all that knew him at DeVco). Support tickets are the same in-game as we had at DeVco (Kai wrote both :) ) The main difference is the heavy usage of Discord where you will also find a Support section and tickets similar to the DeVco Web tickets will get handled there.



These are the DeVco Servers that did a straight Move to Toasty (Only IP address changed and a few minor details to fit Toasty Guidelines):

  • Agrarian Skies 2
  • CrackPack
  • Infinity NA
  • Infinity EU
  • Infinity Expert
  • Infinity Skyblock NA
  • Infinity Skyblock EU
  • Project Ozone 2 NA
  • Project Ozone 2 EU
  • Regrowth
  • Revelation
  • SkyFactory 3 NA
  • SkyFactory 3 EU
  • Space Astronomy
  • Vanilla


players had till end of May to move their items using BetterRelocation:

  • Beyond
  • Tekkit Legends


  • Direwolf20 1.7.10
  • Direwolf20 1.10.2
  • Hermitpack
  • Hub
  • Resonant Rise 4
  • SkyFactory 2

See a complete list of current servers at ToastyNetworks



The Devco Points will all be converted to the Toasty Tokens once the development is finished on placing the token shops on all servers (ratio will be 2 Toasty Tokens for every DeVco point). Playtime will be converted from DeVco to Toasty on your first Login along with the new Rank for that amount of playtime. All Subscriptions for DeVco Rank were cancelled last month and allowed to run out as Toasty does not at this time have a subscription system.

Other Ranks have been converted to the Toasty Ranks (and are NETWORK wide) as follows:



Since Toasty did not have regular kits like DeVco did, you will be able to access the kits through the store.


Most plug-ins were developed by Kai ..On BOTH Networks, so DeVco players will feel at home with the Chat tools and general help commands.

ToastyNetworks is a modded Minecraft community. We run a Modded minecraft servers and we strive for the best user experience!