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    Hi Guest!
    Are you using the brand new ToastyNetworks launcher yet? No? What are you waiting for! Enjoy a tweaked launcher made to make life easier for you! It includes pre-installed tweaks, fixes, texture packs and way more!
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    Build Competition 08/02/19 - 22/02/19

    Here is our entry! To visit, on SB2: /ishome natqueencool Island is public and we welcome all visitors! :) The theme is inspired by the epicness of Moria. We wanted to make a civilization on its peak, before the fall. They are rich, having plenty of marble and gold to spare. While trees and...
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    Info Booster Card

    Silly me, I thought this was on Stoneblock 2. I have no idea how it works at Rev. Ignore my post :)
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    Info Booster Card

    2 Billons of boostercards are needed for infinite range. It is possible to do this, the cards has a low EMC value. Use one of the Player Interface/Player chest blocks and have a Energy Condensor pump cards into your inventory while shiftclicking in the cards in the terminal. I did 6 Million...
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    Cutting trees irl (birch). <° (^_^) °>

    Cutting trees irl (birch). <° (^_^) °>
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    News ToastyNetworks Store Changes

    No, the vote in itself has commercial value. It is by definition paid ads for the server. If you grant tokens as a reward for a vote, you have then put a real, quantifieble value on the vote. Unless you grant everyone on the whole server the same perk/reward, this is not accepted in the EULA...
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    News ToastyNetworks Store Changes

    I was previously a server owner. I had Factions Anarcy-style Tekkit servers. We didn't make much profit, but it was enough for the high-end hardware. When the EULA changes was enforced and warnings started coming I gave up after a while. Not enough people did voluntary donations so after a...
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    Idea Revelations: Faster COFH Machines

    The only thing this would change is the number of machines used. The numbers of items processed would be the doubled, I doubt anyone would use less machines after this was implemented. They would probably use the same amount of machines, it would just go faster, create more items that needs to...
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    Idea Missing donation features? Suggest them here!

    Hi! On Devco we had the option to purchase increased size islands on skyblock maps. I already purchased the max size claim on PO2, and I kept the island since the merge. But others should have this nifty option too. Since the option existed on Devco, it might be easy to implement this on Toasty...
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    +1 I can add that this happens on Rev too. Every restart the saved Fluxnetwork reset.
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    News DeVco Acquisition! New modpacks & more!

    Hi Toastynetwork! Me, my wife Natqueencool and my brother Adam1116 have been playing on Devco for years. Looking forward to play with you guys, greetings from Sweden! //JonnyBBlack and family