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  1. Argusev

    Ban Appeal - japapuss

    Hi Japapuss, I have reviewed your offense, and unfortunately, your disregard for our rules was quite severe, extending beyond merely using a cheated client, and to killing people and stealing their items. This blatant disrespect for our community is not tolerated here. Your ban will not be...
  2. Argusev

    Ban Appeal - LanaRadio

    Hi Lana, I have reviewed the evidence surrounding your ban, and it's a solid case. You joined our server with a modified client, and used it to spawn in endgame items and bypass claims to grief other players. This is a serious violation of our rules, and in cases like this we do not show...
  3. Argusev

    Claim Blocks

    Hey MercTemper, When we reset the world, everyone gets their claimblocks and balances reset to the starting amount. This puts everyone on the same page for the new world. Unfortunately, this means we don't refund claimblocks removed in the map reset; they will have to be regained through...
  4. Argusev

    Guide Continuum space fix

    Well, this was a fix to the clientside crash with space. The other issues, I'm not sure about. Those are mainly issues with Sponge.
  5. Argusev

    Report for CharlieSmith101

    As no further information has been brought forward as of this time, I am closing this thread. Report Handled Thread Closed Moved to Archives
  6. Argusev


    Hi there Minecool, I looked up your history, and the reason was correct: it's very extensive. Looking through it, I see spamming and other chat violations, abuse of the ticket system, staff disrespect, and several counts of harassing players. The original ban looks entirely justified...
  7. Argusev

    Report for CharlieSmith101

    Hey, Matt and Kliney, I just spent some time looking into this, and I noted the main reason you had for saying this player was hacking was because he was clicking more than a supposed cap of 12 times per second. May I ask what your source for this is? In the research I did, there were no...
  8. Argusev

    Ban Appeal

    Charlie was not the one who banned you; that was Mattssn. I will accept this appeal, as you have changed your name. In future, please understand that we try to keep a friendly environment toward people of all nationalities and races, and part of that includes avoiding hateful or controversial...
  9. Argusev


    Hey, this is a known problem caused by a bad interaction between AdvancedRocketry and Sponge. We have a guide to fixing it here.
  10. Argusev

    io.netty.handler.codec.DecodeException: Badly compressed packet size of 2263012 is larger than protocol maximum of 2097152

    Okay, I think I did an island with this issue last night. are you basing with XNoTracksX? Otherwise, I'll need your in-game username to fix it.
  11. Argusev

    io.netty.handler.codec.DecodeException: Badly compressed packet size of 2263012 is larger than protocol maximum of 2097152

    Yes, we should be able to do this. I'm busy for a few hours, but if it's not handled by the time I get home I can handle this.
  12. Argusev

    Guide Continuum space fix

    Hey everyone! Continuum has had a problem for a while where the client crashes on visiting any space dimension (current version: 1.5.2). Well, I'm pleased to announce that through some research, we've found a fix to it! Here's a quick guide to disabling the custom sky rendering so you can get...
  13. Argusev

    Braxtongardner Bypassing punishments.

    Also, you have been repeatedly asked to not cause confrontations and leave staffing to the staff. Your intentions may be good, but you do not have access to the information or tools which staff does, and as a result you may be missing something (like the fact that he is not, in fact, muted)...
  14. Argusev

    Braxtongardner Bypassing punishments.

    Okay, so while Numyajoru IS braxtongardner's alt, braxtongardner is not muted, and in fact never has been. Is there a reason you say he currently is?
  15. Argusev

    Cant log in due to internal execption error

    Hey, There's no way to roll you back on IE; the only options we have are to either wipe your inventory, or wait until an admin with experience with this is available for a while to transfer the drives out of your inventory. Unfortunately, this might take a few days, as they're exceptionally...
  16. Argusev

    Player Report - Silxene

    Hey, This is very clear harrassment, and we will deal with this accordingly. Thank you for reporting this! ~Argus P. S. By the way, we do allow EMC generators on the server. The only time we have an issue is when they cause lag, or when they take advantage of bugs (not the ProjectE mod) to...
  17. Argusev

    Base Stolen

    Hey, Unfortunately, claims are removed after 45 days of inactivity, as it is presumed that they have been abandoned. Once a base is unclaimed, other players are allowed to raid them, claim them, or use them as they see fit. I know it's hard to hear, but if these players don't want to return...
  18. Argusev

    A Proposal Pair

    I mean, the concept of the second level of trust could piggyback off "/permissiontrust", which allows anyone with that level of trust to trust anyone else to any levels of trust they may have (in essence, making them a claim manager as long as they also had /trust), but again, that could easily...
  19. Argusev

    Keep getting timed out of Tekkit Legends server today

    Hey! I have been informed that you should be able to log in now; apparently some apiaries were causing the server to stall and kick all players. Can you confirm that you can access the server now?
  20. Argusev

    Discord Emote Contest

    Here's the one you've all been waiting for! :nope: