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  1. Jijuihin

    Kicked with Java Error when trying to join IE

    Could you please go to the hub ( and use /resetpos to reset your location? From what you've said, this will likely fix the issue, but if not we can look until this further.
  2. Jijuihin

    Claim Blocks for packs under 1.12 and Infinity Evolved mall lag

    Hi there, while I can't speak for admins about any claim block per hour increase, I can say that there is a reason there isn't a booster, and that's simply due to the plugin being incompatible with that version of grief prevention (the claiming plugin). But only admins can make decisions about...
  3. Jijuihin

    Ban appeal. Hopefully the last one.

    As it has been almost a year (only 10 months in reality), and you are no longer hiding information in the appeals, I will give you a chance to prove you have changed and unban you. Please prove to us that this is not a wrong decision. I have asked Strawb to unban your forum account too...
  4. Jijuihin

    Ban Appeal

    The reason you were initially banned was for massive environmental griefing, then last year you came on and started disrespecting the community. You seem to be showing no remorse for either of these actions, only for getting caught trying to bypass. This said, it has been a year now, so I will...
  5. Jijuihin

    Possible New packs for the network

    There are plenty of players who would not happily give up PO3 for a new server, and unless everyone who played PO3 said they would be happy with the pack disappearing, it would be wholly unfair to just delete all of their progress. Other than that, everything I said in my above post still...
  6. Jijuihin

    Possible New packs for the network

    I don't believe there are currently any plans for new packs - admins have a lot on their plate, both from irl and administrative perspectives. This means it would be tricky to focus on a new server as well as all the current servers we have. Besides, with the EULA in effect, the cost of an...
  7. Jijuihin

    Infinity Evolved - Regarding Eldiritch dimension and thaumcraft progression.

    You've already mentioned yourself why this is trickier than just resetting Eldritch - you need the obelisks from the overworld. So the overworld would need resetting rather than the Eldritch dimension. As this would end up being a full server reset, this is less than ideal. As for why there are...
  8. Jijuihin

    Chunk Loder

    Just an added note, /bcl is only on 1.10+ servers (SF3 onwards). Our 1.7 packs use iron blocks for online only loaders and diamond blocks for always ons. The same caveat regarding the always on booster still applies however. To activate these loaders, right click a placed iron /diamond block...
  9. Jijuihin

    Cant get onto server - returning player

    Hi there! Can you please try redownloading the pack? You want version 3.0.2 of Infinity Evolved.
  10. Jijuihin

    Server suggestion

    Sorry, but please give us more were you trying to fix the server (and what needed fixing)? And why do you think the server has anything to do with your Chrome not working? The server isn't accessed through Chrome, so I'm unsure why this would cause any issues...
  11. Jijuihin

    Help with launching and loading in Po3

    Biggest trick is probably upgrading the ram on your system (annoyingly), or allocating more (but still leaving about 2GB for the OS and other apps). How much do you have? People have been struggling with PO3 in-game with 6GB allocated, which is the max I would really recommend if you had a total...
  12. Jijuihin

    Getting "Badly Compressed Packet exceptions" on Continuum

    Alright, I have rolled you back to 2 days prior to when you posted that last message. Please check and make sure you aren't missing anything vital.
  13. Jijuihin

    Getting "Badly Compressed Packet exceptions" on Continuum

    Your position is at spawn, so resetpos seems to have worked. However, seeing as you still can't log in, my bet is that the cell must have gone into your inventory somehow. We could roll your inventory back to before this all started, if you give us a rough time/timezone.
  14. Jijuihin

    Getting "Badly Compressed Packet exceptions" on Continuum

    The max packet size has never been changed. As far as I'm aware, we cannot change it as it's a feature from how Minecraft saves your data. When you say you tried clearing the offending drive, how did you do this? Just not sure how a cell ended up on the ground,or how the item in the ground...
  15. Jijuihin

    Remove Account

    Sorry for the delay in getting to this, but can I just ask what for? You are able to reset quest progress by simply leaving your team and making a new one,and your island with /is reset then /is create for a new one. Or is this for resetting mod progress?
  16. Jijuihin

    Idea Tick accelerator as a purchasable booster

    This sounds like a 'kill server' booster if I am perfectly honest. Time in a bottle was the cause of a load of server stalls, hence why it got banned. What you are suggesting is essentially a fixed effect Time in a Bottle. If we re-enable a feature like this, I just foresee more stalls and...
  17. Jijuihin

    Revelation items

    Hi there, really sorry for the delay in a response here. Did you change anything, like putting the speed upgrades you just made into any machine? That would cause the needed GP for that machine to go up, and your manual mill's GP production would go towards that first (and might not always be...
  18. Jijuihin

    Second seed drop with magical crops

    First of all, which server are we talking about? I'm personally not the biggest expert in mystical agriculture, it is possible it is disabled or it is enabled but you're unlucky. I would need a mod who plays around with MA to say for sure. However, personally, having a chance at a second...
  19. Jijuihin

    Info Booster Card

    This wasn't a decision made by the Toasty team, but rather by the mod developer, and we generally tend to respect the wishes of the person who made the mod where possible. In fact, it might not be possible for us to change it (although I'm not at home so can't check if there is a config fix...
  20. Jijuihin


    Hi, you will be able to get into the server again if you go to the hub and reset your position using the compass (it's the redstone torch icon). Otherwise, without the crash log, we can't do much. Space has been very buggy however, so I would advise staying away from it until the modpack...