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New Member
Apr 14, 2019
My Name is ACrazyD, and there is a good reason for this. I'm know as the mad man with a plan, the poeple i worked/work with think I'm nuts, but they know I'm good at what i do.

Basic Info.
In-game name: ACrazyD
Age: 18
TimeZone: PST
Current rank: Boss
Hours: (Global: 6 Days 10 hours) (Local-Stoneblock 2: 3 Days)
Have I ever been banned: yes, who hasn't... Tho the reason was stupid, shot 6 cluster nukes on an anarchy server and killed the server doing so... (Nothing in the rules about a Cluster nuke Limit, not my fault)
Previous Usernames: None that i still relate my self to, old accounts that friends let me use tell i got my own, those have no record so.
Other servers on this network: i know i played a while on SF3 tell dap deleted everything i owned and i rage quite a few years ago.. and then just stoneblock 2

Past Staffing Info:
Have i been staff before: Yes many times i was staff for Loungecraft before we lost the money due to EULA killing us, and Midgurd which also died for the same reason.
Ranks on both: Head-Admin(Midgurd), Dev(Loungcraft)
time as staff: Honestly about 4-5 years between them both, Loungecraft i still work for And i work for Wenja PVP which im a Dev for as well
Responsibility: For all of these servers i do High level Back-end work meaning server configs, server restores, server resets, then in-game i did grief reports and for at least midgurd all Bans went to me before they got banned, and i trained a few staff members for them as well.
Reason for leaving: Midgurd is dead, Loungecraft i still work for as a retired Dev, and Wenja isnt open yet

Situational Response:
Someone grieved: Prism inspect the place, find who did it, depending on how many prevision infractions it would be a temp ban based on what they did. IE they stole a ME system like thing, that would be a 3day ban in my book and i would return the items stolen, if the base got "Nuked" maybe 2-3 weeks and i would end up helping the guy rebuild with what i have from my own stuff.
Hacking: Vanish spy would work for xray, and in other cases it really depends on why he is believed to be hacking, like flying in hub without the perms to do so, that would be a temp ban right there maybe a week for hacked client/flying hacks.
Abusing in-game chat: Cursing? or like making fun of/tearing down someone? not to sure what your after here so ill go for both..
Im a nice guy cursing would be like ya fine warn ya a few times then maybe a temp mute, enless they start really getting nuts then its a few kicks then a 6hour temp ban wouldn't do more then a 2day ban for that unless he just didn't learn.. Now Abusive to others Like Homophobic remarks or rasicit remarks ill warn once then temp ban for a few hours, i have a very strict no tolerance for that nonsense.
Someone asking staff for items: depends on the item, i don't give out stuff that can be overpowered anyway, but like if there asking for something simple that i can make sure, ill help im nice, ask me for creative items and ill ignore you, you pester me, ill warn ya, keep going ill mute you or even kick ya, no point for a ban tell they start going nuts on me for no apparent reason.

Free Form:
How did i find out about toasty: I forgot, i think one of my mate had me get on then he paid for a rank.. been a while
Greatest Strength: Background, my 4-5 years of server background means i shouldn't need to much help getting going with what ever plugins you guys use around your server.
One thing i can improve on: My self, spelling would be nice, im more useful in a voice environment as my hands are slow compared to my mind.
What do i believe i can bring to staff: New face, and my knowlage of how modpacks and servers and such works. And im active on the one server i almost never see staff on which is Stoneblock 2, i love EMC based packs.