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New Member
May 2, 2019
I got banned out of the incompetence of a moderator
Basically i have a inventory upgrade and Wolfy just banned me bec he thought i was duping
I was the VERY first(and only till wolf came to me) player that has a transmutation table and tablet
and i had a inventory upgrade that for some reasons doesnt show up in the logs but i can screenshot it and show it to you
well i had a stack of Trans tables and he just kept removing the tables bec "noone" knew that i have Project e(i asked quads to unlock it for everyone bec i have it and it is unfair for everyone besides me to not have it so he knew that i have it)
and after that i got banned
Might be matter of fact that i asked him to cheat me my item that he stole from me bec he asked me to make another one
Dunno why but Strawb told me to put here that i have a Simple Storage Sys
Another thing they told me to add was that prestige on SF4 is broken and doesnt show project e items and i basically crafted everything from my memory and with autocrafting
IGN DerShendi Server SF4
Yall aint even giving a anymore i see
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