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Community Manager
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Apr 26, 2016
Were you punished on our network and would like to appeal?
Fill a ban appeal and a Staff Member will investigate the punishment.

To appeal, simply click 'New Thread' and complete the template using the title: ‘Ban Appeal - [In-Game Name]

Ban Appeal
Your In-game name:
Action (Ban, Mute, etc) and ID:
What did you do:
Why should this action be reversed:
Do NOT do the following:
  • Lie on any section within your Ban Appeal.
  • Create multiple Ban Appeal threads.
  • Attempt to bypass your current punishment.
  • Unnecessarily bump your Ban Appeal or pester Staff about the status of the Appeal.
If you do attempt anything shown on the list above, your Ban Appeal will be far more likely to not be approved. Furthermore, it may increase the current punishment or lead to permanent action being taken.

If you are not a Staff Member, please refrain from commenting on someone’s ban appeal unless you have substantial evidence which may be necessary when reviewing the punishment taken place. Any unnecessary, negative or irrelevant posts will be deleted and you will be warned. Ban Appeals will be handled by Senior Moderators or the Administration Team.

If you want to appeal for a Discord punishment, please specify that in your message.

ToastyNetworks Administration.
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