Ban appeal. Hopefully the last one.

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Dec 29, 2018
Your In-game name: SilentRoses
Action (Ban, Mute, etc) and ID: 2721
What did you do: In all honesty i acted stupid, when i was removed i acted stupidly. The ban was justified and i understand that my actions lead to such a punishment, and i respect the decision made my the Senior mod + that answers this appeal.
Why should this action be reversed:
It's been i think a year (correct me if i'm wrong) and i feel i've had long enough to reflect on my actions to know what i did was beyond stupid, disrespectful and plain rude. In all honesty i can list reasons why i should be unbanned but words really can't speak for how stupidly i acted.

I respect your decision as my last appeals were denied becuase again of how stupid i acted. I disrespectfully used the ban appeal system and didn't take it seriously, i just made a fool of myself and all i can do now is apologise for my actions and hope to be forgiven. If i'd had morals that day this would have never ended up happening and i wouldn't have to be publically shaming myself. :confused:

I'd also like to personally apologise to Ekcx (sorry if misspelled its been a while) He had to deal with me the day of the ban.

(Also whoever added these stickers thank you! i love the bunny one:mc_e_101: )

Edit: Words speak for actions and i do sincerely apologise for the actions. And i truly to the bottom of my heart am apologetic for that days actions (sorry for any misspelling am writing this late so am a lil tired) i really hope that this appeal is taken seriously.

Request if okay (Sorry if not allowed to ask this) Could i have my old forum account back?

Edit of the Edit (Sorry) I am mercury rank but since i was banned i wasn't able to do the transfer am i able to now? if not i understand.

Regards SilentRoses -Phoebe-
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Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2017
As it has been almost a year (only 10 months in reality), and you are no longer hiding information in the appeals, I will give you a chance to prove you have changed and unban you. Please prove to us that this is not a wrong decision.

I have asked Strawb to unban your forum account too.

However, with regards to the rank transfer, you missed the conversion period due to your own actions. As such, we cannot make an exception in this case.

Ban appeal accepted.
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