[CLOSED] Build Competition #10

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What theme would you like to see next?

  • I'm a 8-Bit Video Gamer!

    Votes: 7 31.8%
  • Futurism.. *Beep Boop*

    Votes: 9 40.9%
  • Horror and Thrill: How spOoky!

    Votes: 6 27.3%

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Dec 14, 2017


Welcome Toasters, to Build Competition #10!
The bi-weekly, network wide, building contest!

BC#9 Winners:

(Click Here)

1st Place: Kyorinrin

2nd Place: froggles

3rd Place: TechLewis

Per votes submitted by you, here is your theme!
New Theme:

Event Rules & Guidelines:

Screenshots must be provided, and taken from one of the ToastyNetworks' servers!
Pictures/Builds must abide by the network rules, and not be perceived as offensive!
No more than 1 entry per person, per competition!
You may not copy/replicate others' builds!
You must enter before the listed close date!
Have a theme suggestion not listed on the poll? Feel free to add it to the end of your entry!


1st Place: $10 ToastyNetworks Store Voucher
2nd Place: $5 ToastyNetworks Store Voucher
3rd Place: 20,000c + 3 Rare Keys or 4 Chunkloaders

Contact a member of staff to receive your reward(s)!
You may only receive keys or chunkloaders, not both. Please note that these are online-only chunkloaders!

Example Build:

Entry Guidelines:

Please use the following format to comment below when entering the competition!

Discord Name (Optional):
Location (X,Y,Z):
Texture Pack (Optional):

Competition Closing Date:

This event will be closed for further entries on: Monday, May 14 2018

Closing Times:

Event Closed

Good luck to all entries, and see ya next week!
- ToastyNetworks Staff Team​
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May 1, 2018
IGN: Arothe
Discord Name: Lone Wolf
Server: REV
Location (X,Y,Z): -4527, 68, 424
Shader Pack: Plunder pixels shaders

Once in a while, a portal to the dragon land opens. For traders and hunters it makes a really nice way to make profit by selling dragon eggs, scales and bones. The most valuable parts are their hearts however.

Usually, the portal is unprotected. But after the last portal opening which lead to massive drago killing, one dragon was dispatched to the other side of the portal to guard it. Here you can see mighty Gralrucriss, The Firestarter destroying one of the hunter ships. Many lives were lost. And many yet will be...

From what we already learned about the portal, it requires immense amounts of energy. However, this portals energy consumption is unstable, so it also requires a place where to dump the excessive energy. This is the reason, why it has two creation pylons and one destruction pylon.

Also we now know, that after a while, the sphere inside the portal shrinks to a little ball, which results in better stability (just a guess, did not really talk with a dragon that would provide us with reliable info). This is the reason, why some of the images have large sphere in the middle (progress of forming the portal) and some have just a tiny sphere (formed portal).

creation pylons.png destruction pylon.png dragon.png dragon2.png dragon-no-shader.png portal side new.png portal.png portal-side.png
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