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New Member
Mar 23, 2018
United Kingdom
My name is Johnny. I am a 17 year old Graphic Design student from the UK. I enjoy talking and communicating with others as much as I can. I am currently studying both Graphic Design and Product Design at college. I have played Minecraft since 2012 and was a member of DeVco since 2015, which is how I came to be on ToastyNetworks.

In-Game Name: Eventuating
Discord ID: Eventuating#9296
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT
Hours on Server: 2376
Current Rank: Emperor
Previous Usernames: ShadowJonny2, Mynx

Previous Bans on any Community server, If so, why?
From what I can remember, no.

What ToastyNetworks Servers have you played on?:
I primarily play on Skyfactory 4 however I have previously played on Tekkit Legends, Vanilla and Skyfactory 3.

Past Staffing Information
Organisation Name: DeVcoFTB
Rank: Admin
Time as Staff Member: Between 4-5 Months

As a staff member on DeVco I had to interact with the community as much as I could in order to answer questions and help players with server queries as well as any modded Minecraft related questions that I was able to answer. I had to respond to tickets both via Enjin’s Web Ticket system as well as in-game tickets. I had to enforce the rules in a manner that wasn’t too strict but was also not too relaxed. I documented bugs and exploits that were reported to me to allow other staff members to keep updated. When punishing those who broke said rules I ensured I have sufficient evidence to back my punishment in the likes of a YouTube video of various screenshots of the offence.

Website: devcoftb.com
Is the organisation still running?: No, because DeVcoFTB was acquired by ToastyNetworks last year.

Situational Responses
If someone’s house/land was griefed, how would you deal with that situation?

Firstly, I would check to see if the land was claimed. If it wasn’t, I would explain to the player that it is out of my control as the land claim plugin exists to prevent situations. However If the plot was claimed, and the player hadn’t had a total off-time of 45 days (or 30, I cannot remember which) I would check to see who mutilated the claim, check whether or not they were trusted to the claim, and deal out punishment according to ToastyNetwork’s procedures.

What procedures would you take to check if someone was hacking?
In the example of flight, which would be difficult to monitor on the likes of a modded server, I would ensure to check whether or not the player had an item that allowed them to fly. I would also clarify whether a flight booster was active. I would continue to watch the player, recording any evidence I find, and deal with them accordingly.

How would you deal with someone abusing in-game chat?
If the player was abusing the in-game chat to harass, insult or spam another player I would treat them with a warning, if they continue after said warning if it continues, depending on the severity of the instance I would either issue a mute or another warning. These events are all situational and I believe that intent is something that should play a part in final punishment.

If someone asked for items from yourself, how would you respond?
This is another situational event. If the player lost items due to a crash, and can prove this, then I will refund them. However if they are just asking for an item because they need it then I’ll check my own personal items that I’ve collect from playing and offer a fair trade to the user, as well as this I would direct them to the quick shop via /qs find or /qs list to help them find what they are searching for.

Free Form Responses
How did you find out about ToastyNetworks?

I originally found ToastyNetworks through DeVco’s partnership scheme however didn’t primarily play on Toasty until after the merge.

What do you believe your greatest strength is?
I would say that my greatest strength is my patience. I am very tolerant from past experiences and am able to cope well under pressure, this alongside my friendly demeanour I feel would be great strengths for someone who will be interacting with a community such as Toasty’s.

What is one thing you think you could improve upon?
I believe one thing I could improve upon would be how I prioritise my time and balance my social life around college work and personal time.

What do you believe you can bring to the staffing team on ToastyNetworks?
It is no myth that Toasty is lacking in man power on the staff team. Personally, I think I would make a great asset to the staff team because I have experience from a similar network that could be put to use here. I wasn’t originally going to put in for staff as I know that it is a commitment (One that I will not prioritise over my personal life) however I want to see the network continue to thrive into the future, and I can’t expect that to happen if I don’t put some effort in myself to help secure that future by keeping the players happy and the answers flowing.

Thank you for reading my application and taking it into consideration.
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Jan 8, 2017
Hi Eventuating,

We thank you for taking a deep interest in becoming a Staff Member here at ToastyNetworks. However, we do feel that your application and in-game experience is not up to our current standards, and therefore we must decline your application at this point. Feel free to message me on Discord or on the forums if you require any further information as to why this application was denied.

If you are still interested in becoming a part of our amazing Staff Team, be sure to continue to play and enhance your experience with our community, as well as polishing up your Staff Application. If you wish to apply again, feel free to reapply in 3 weeks.

Good luck!

-Application Denied-
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