Getting kicked from SF4

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Jun 11, 2019
Your In-game name:
Where (Forums, Server, Discord):
My island on SF4
Which Server did this happen on (SA, CON, REV, DW20, AS, SF3, TL, IE):

Any time I login
Location (If applicable):
My island
What were you trying to do:
What happened:
So every time i login to SF4 onto my island it gets extremely laggy to the point of kicking me out giving me a javaIO exception error sometimes it will crash the client entirely, i was reading through the forums and followed some instructions log into the hub and run /resetpos and picked SF4 server, logged back in and I was fine getting into spawn of SF4 when I run command /isspawn to go back to my island it gets laggy again and kicks me off, trying to do anything ie: get into my storage network, break blocks, turn on/off anything go into any GUI, I suspect its something on my island causing this likely the bonsai plants that I have there but I cant get on long enough to remove anything, now i'm at the point where its unplayable without resetting my island and progression, as a side note I am using the toasty launcher to play and have removed and reinstalled the modpack through the launcher to see if it was client side related.
Can this be repeated:
Yes when you load my island at least on my client


Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator
Jun 19, 2016
I have removed much of the items growing on your island, you can try and log in now. It sounds more like you have internet issues, rather than island issues, but if you can get logged in I would try messing with your client side settings to try and ease the burden on your PC and allow you to play.