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May 25, 2018
Hey IE players, as you know i made a mall and have kept the shops centralized so we only have to go to one place to shop for stuff. However some players who have previously ran malls for IE have returned to play and are going to me taking it over from here. With this change there are a few important things to understand. There will be a whole new mall with new rules etc. This will help keep everything organized and reduce lag everyone experiences at the current mall. I will no longer be in control of the mall after the switch. Once this new mall is made and finished we want all the players to move from the current one (mine) to the new one being made right now. We are gonna give a week or two for the move before we start to decommission the old mall. If you have any questions feel free to ask me "Skellington#2693" or Fox "@Foxtails3358" on discord. Sorry to any player that recently just set up a new shop at the mall. I will try to help fix any issues you guys have.

*I want everyone to understand this is/never was an admin mall its been strictly a player mall*