Idea - Infinity Evolved: Admin Shop For Unobtainable Building Blocks & Items

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Trial Moderator
Trial Moderator
Jan 5, 2018
Having played on this server for so long, I often find myself out of mods to progress in and choose to spend my time building large projects. When I started putting the time into building in Survival mode, I came to the realization that there a few blocks that are just plain unobtainable for one reason or another. Two mods that come to mind are Twilight Forest (the dimension is disabled to reduce lag) and Biomes O' Plenty (the world must be set to include this mod in the world generation when it is created, which it wasn't). It's my belief that these blocks could be obtainable through the implementation of an automated shop or "admin shop" as it's often called. I feel the blocks I have in mind to sell would be completely fair to include as they provide no real benefit, other than potentially making a base look amazing.

The blocks I have in mind include the following:
Twilight Forest Blocks: Towerwood, Mazestone, Castle Brick, Smoking Block
Biomes O' Plenty Blocks: Sacred Oak Wood, Cherry Wood, Dark Wood, Fir Wood, Ethereal Wood, Magic Wood, Mangrove Wood, Palm Wood, Redwood Wood, Willow Wood, Pine Wood, Hellbark Wood, Jacaranda Wood, Mahogany Wood

The idea is actually fairly simple: an area that has chest shops with infinitely-refilling items, using either a dummy account or the account of a staff member who seldom plays Infinity to collect any profit made. I know how to set up such a shop, and if this becomes a thing, I will share how to do so. As for where: the shop could either be incorporated as a plot in the player mall that exists already, could be its own warp/build, or could be incorporated into Spawn somehow.
This is to provide the players of Infinity with a palette of building blocks previously completely warded off due to the two mods being practically disabled on the server. The blocks provide no tangible benefit to anyone who buys them, nor is there a financial profiteer if an inactive account is used to sell the blocks.

If the staff team wishes to proceed with this idea, I'll happily build the shop(s) for it and give feedback for prices, as well as provide and alternate account if that's the route we want to take. Feel free to leave any feedback down below, be it suggestions for more blocks, prices, locations, or anything else!

- FatherReality


Nov 3, 2017
There is an admin shop on IE it is /shop however i do agree that they should add more blocks from the twilight in it.