Infinity Evolved - Regarding Eldiritch dimension and thaumcraft progression.

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May 4, 2017
Hey there! Munkii here
I was wondering if the Eldritch dimension like the nether could be set to reset once a month.
The reason being that the end/mid game item which is cruicial for a major part of thaumcraft and its progression the Primordial Pearl
is acquired from Bosses in the eldritch dimension

It is used in the crafting of couple of items one of which the "advanced alchemical construct" is one of the goals of a thaumaturge ( people who do thaumcraft) to acquire inorder to make an advanced alchemical furnace. Now the pearl even tho its used in the recipe does not get consumed in the process and can be used to make the advanced alchemical construct inf amount of times.
How ever it does get used up in the making of a Primordial Crusher ( a tool similar to draconic staff of evolution from draconic evolution)
Now the catch here is, any new players wanting to complete thaumcraft wont be able to do if all the portals are used up. The only way new players can acquire primordial pearls is through trading with players which usually costs ABSURD amount of money, which is unfair since it would mean progression of a mod is only achievable through payment to other players. Just making the eldright dimension reset once a month might be difficult as they are accessesd through Eldritch portals
in the overworld, some of which people destroy after opening them. There lies the difficult part as in how youll replace/refresh all the used eldritch portals if you do make the eldritch dimension reset once a month.
Please have a look at this issue as it discourages many new players to the mod. I personally having over 600 hours on the mod alone can assure that its a big turnoff knowing you cant ever get a pearl :(
Not only that the dimension is also a place where the Crimson Preator Armor set ( which is uncraftable in the pack we have) is farmed from the Crimson preeator boss there.

Imagine trying to complete Draconic Evolution if the dragon only spawned once. How would you get all the Dragon Hearts needed to get enough Awakened Draconium Ingots to complete the mod? Similar case with thaumcraft here. So please have alook at this and please make it happen!


Jan 5, 2018
The Eldritch Obelisk structure itself seems incredibly rare on this server's (Infinity Evolved NA) worldmap and I've only heard of one or two being found by players. I've concluded through testing, that using the creative item "Eldritch Obelisk Placer" and providing the placed Obelisk with a Sinister node, 4 Eldritch Eyes and right clicking with a wand containing 100 of each primal vis, does indeed open a portal to a newly-spawned dungeon. The dungeon will always have the Runed Tablet room and a boss room when spawned.

The pearl (two of them, actually) is indeed needed to make the Advanced Alchemical Smelter which is an endgame Thaumcraft structure.

It should also be noted that the pearl also must be scanned (with a Thaumometer) in order to unlock research for Ichor, the endgame crafting material for Thaumic Tinkering, which is often sought after because it's needed for pretty wild endgame Thaumcraft items.

If you asked me, I would agree that the dimension ought to be reset monthly do to the rare nature of actually finding a dungeon. Either that, or Primordial Pearls ought to be given a custom crafting recipe so they can be much easier to obtain as a normal player.


Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2017
You've already mentioned yourself why this is trickier than just resetting Eldritch - you need the obelisks from the overworld. So the overworld would need resetting rather than the Eldritch dimension. As this would end up being a full server reset, this is less than ideal.

As for why there are so few obelisks, I think players have destroyed them in the past - either in error or to stop guardians spawning there. Sad, but it happens as no-one realises they would need it later on.

We have actually tried looking into trying to make a different dimension have obelisks, but sadly the config doesn't allow for other dimensions other than the overworld to have the Thaumcraft structures.

I believe the long-term plan is to have a plugin which auto-regenerates land which has been untouched for x number of days - so things like obelisks should in theory be replenishable. However, this plan is likely currently on the back-burner due to how much Kai has on his plate at the moment.

So, what we tend to do in these situations, as Reality mentioned, is spawn you in a portal/dungeon.

Also, a side note, Reality mentions you need 2 Pearls. I think this is a slight misunderstanding. You just need to use the Pearl multiple times. It isn't used up by either crafting recipes or infusions. Been a while since I made the Crusher on our IE, so as you say it might be used up by that, but I don't remember needing more than one of the item. It certainly wasn't used up by the Eldritch Blood Orb though (but equally, it wasn't the focal item of that infusion).
May 4, 2017
Iirc making the crusher DOES use up a pearl in the process.
Even simpel logic would dictate it does, since its an infusion and not crafting and in the infusion process the thing thats held in the central pedestal below the matrix is the item that gets converted to the final product and the pearl is in the central pedestal. Where as when it comes to crafting it can be spared as it can be left in the crafting grid itself (which does happen)
Its been a year since i played thaumcraft cause of irl responsibilities. And i wanna get back to it so badly but this thing is bummer.

Like you mentioned above "So, what we tend to do in these situations, as Reality mentioned, is spawn you in a portal/dungeon. "
How would one go about this process? do we contact a mod/admin and request them to spawn an obelisk for us? if so then is there a limit to how many they can spawn for a player?

The idea of a plugin to refresh the obelisks is quite nice and would be lovely. If thats impossible then the idea of a custom recipe like FatherReality mentioned is a good option too i suppose