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New Member
Jan 3, 2018
Tell us about yourself: Im 19 and play alot and already help people on the server with whatever they need.

*Basic Information.
In-game name:YOUR__M9M
Discord name (e.g. JohnSmith#1234):YOUR__M9M#6666
Timezone: est
Current Rank: mythical
Hours on the Server: 407 ish
Have you ever been banned on any community or server? If so, why?: nope
Previous Usernames: Trey2950
What servers have you played on our network?: ie and dw20

*Situational responses - Remember the rules everyone adheres to and the punishments for such rules being broken.
If someones house/land was griefed, how would you deal with the situation? I would figure out who did it and give temp ban.
What procedures would you take if you believe someone is hacking? I would vanish and watch him.
How would you deal with someone abusing in-game chat? I would mute them.
If someone asks for items from yourself, how would you reply? If i have them i will give them or sell depending on item.

*Free form responses.
How did you first find out about the ToastyNetworks? Friends play it alot.
What do you believe your greatest strength is? I aim to make peoples day better.
What is one thing you believe you could improve upon? Helping more people.
What do you believe you can bring to the staffing team here at ToastyNetworks?
A happy place and a family friendly place for all ages.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Content Creator
Apr 26, 2016

We thank you for taking a deep interest in becoming a Staff Member here at ToastyNetworks. However, we do feel that your application and in-game experience is not up to our current standards, and therefore we must decline your application at this point. Feel free to message me on Discord or on the forums if you require any further information as to why this application was denied.

If you are still interested in becoming a part of our amazing Staff Team, be sure to continue to play and enhance your experience with our community, as well as polishing up your Staff Application. If you wish to apply again, feel free to reapply in 3 weeks.

Good luck!

-Application Denied-
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