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New Member
Oct 23, 2018
Hello Everyone,

I have a few questions about the DW20 server. It may be listed in the forum but I do not see it...

1. Is there community lava, water etc? If so what are the endertank color orders.
2. Grief protection looks great. how long until you can expand?
3. Is the Nether, Twilight and End ever reset? Is there a mine age?
4. I notice the store is offline but when it's up can I buy items or packs like ender tank, tesseract, world anchor, etc. or are they for rent/hour from what I can see.

The community looks good and would like to stay. Apologies if the answers are obvious.



Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator
Feb 22, 2017
New Jersey, USA
Hey, and welcome to our community! I'm glad you're enjoying it currently!

1) Yes, I believe we do have community lava at code red/red/red. For water, I don't think we do simply because it's easier for everyone to just use a sink from the Cooking For Blockheads mod.
2) This question may need some clarification. If you're referring to expanding claims, you can do that at any time if you have the claimblocks for it. You gain claimblocks at a rate of 100/hour, unless there's a claimblock booster active in which case the rate is 300/hour.
3) The End resets regularly (should be every server restart, or 6 hours), and I believe the Nether resets once a month. There is also a mining world, if that's what you refer to by "mine age". I don't know if the Twilight Forest is ever reset.
4) You can buy items from other players via /qs find; there is no official in-game store at this time.