Bug Quantum Quarry Bug/Crash

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New Member
Feb 11, 2019
Bug Report.
Your In-game name: mrbsusername

Where (Forums, Server, Discord): Server

Which Server did this happen on (SA, CON, REV, DW20, AS, SF3, TL, IE):

Midnight EST on 2/25/19

Location (If applicable):
JEI / Crafting Tables
What were you trying to do:
Mostly, my goal was to build a Terrain Scanner
What happened:
Terrain Scanner requires 2 Quantum Quarries and 2 RFTools Builders (which I think are also banned). I now know that the quantum quarry is removed - it does not exist in JEI on the server. Here's the problem - it still kind of does. When I use JEI to look up recipes involving a nether star, page 13 crashes me. I believe that is where the QQ recipe is. Secondly, if I try to make the recipe on a crafting table, I again crash.

I understand removing the quantum quarry, but however it was done seems like a poor way to do so. I don't enjoy worrying about crashing myself.
In addition, I've seen nothing about the terrain scanner being banned, and would like to make it (Because that's honestly the best way to make my island look good - make it look like not an island).
Can this be repeated:
Repeatedly. Again, crashing isn't fun.
Additional Information:

The Quantum Quarry is NOT on any banned list I've seen - I had to search for information in the changelogs, which took an hour of my time. It is not on the website, it is not on /banneditems, etc. In addition, if the Terrain Scanner is also banned, add that to the list as well, and remove related blocks - otherwise people may accidentally craft useless and expensive items.

If the terrain scanner is to remain unbanned, please add an alternate recipe.

Thanks for reading! I hope my input is useful.