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May 18, 2017
1) This is a Reapply Not because i was denied but because the time klk2003 signed up had applied then had my grandmother pass away and i pulled out so i could attend services and such without worrying about my hours Ingame
2) Its my summer at this time meaning my hours kinda interestiong but i feel like i can be more then active for the duty
3) More on the end of this thats not 100% relevant but still worth the read to know more about my current state

Basic Info:
IGN: ACrazyD
DiscordName: ACrazyD#4299
Age: 18
Timezone: PST
Current Rank: 1337
Hours On The Network: 12 days 12 hours 12min 12sec ... Hmm thats cool they are balanced
Have i been banned? Maybe i dont remember but i wont say no
Prev Names: None
What Servers on the network Everything BUT Con and Project Ozone as My pc DIES in there hands tho i stick mostly on SB2

Past Staffing Info
Have i been Staff Before? Yes
Organization name: Loungecraft (Yes they are still active but only host one server that i do currently DEV on)
Rank: Mod, Admin, Head-Admin, Owner, Dev, Server Host Master (I kinda Did it all)
Time being staff: 6+ years
My Responsibility: EVERYTHING, i dont think there was one thing i didnt do, not counting Pack making or building spawns and such
Website: Might still be up but i cant recall what its domain is I think But i could be WAY wrong
Is the Organization Still running: Yes, And i still work for them but i dont do much now, mostly just update plugins and mods when time comes

Situational Responses:
Grief - Depends on the amount of damage, But in most cases unless the users like AE2 system is stolen and lost i would just temp ban the person responsible for like 2-3 days a week max (Nuked Base is what would earn them that, and them probs a bit longer) and attempt to refund items from my own stock of stuff

Hackers - Hard to spot, but if i can prove it would be a temp ban... no warnings for hacking while im around its just rude to others

Abusing - Unless racial/Homophobic remarks are said it would be mutes ranging from 1 hours to 12 hours, if slurs are used it would be a mute for 24 hours or even a tempban for 2-3 hours.

If someone asked for items - I would look in my supply, Im a person who likes helping, as long as it wont break there gameplay ill help them out :) Good people get rewards

FreeForm : (The Best Kinda Form)
How did i find out about Toasty? I was looking for a good modded server once and i had a friend recommend this network
My Strength? Probably my background in the art of server staffing and my out going nature
Improve on? probably my inability to spell right 100% of the time
What can i bring? one more person who knows what there doing right off the bat, and someone who probably wont need very much training, along with someone who already helps out where i can, i mean ask anyone who i worked with on SB2 :)

Not sure what happened to my old app i think the last staff round had mine get deleted so i just made a whole knew one to reword things. and update times and such
Also my play time might be spotty bust mostly in check, im still doing things around my grandmothers passing, and my own life saving medical visits thanks to a Lung fungus massy thing in my lung that has tried to kill me for the better part of 2 years... so sorry about that
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Jan 8, 2017
Congratulations CrazyD,

We welcome you to the Staff Team of ToastyNetworks! Your diligent work both in-game and on the forums, as well as your Staff Application has lead to us providing you with an opportunity to show your skills in a real time environment as a Trial Moderator.

We have adjusted your rank on Discord to fit this new position. Any further questions can be directed towards me or another member of higher staff on the Discord server. We will adjust your in-game rank once we have been able to talk to you about your trial period :).

-Application Accepted-
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