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New Member
Dec 12, 2018
Tell us about yourself:

I am currently a student who has just finished and received their N - Level Examinations (GCSE) and might be able to head on to tertiary education (Polytechnic) next year. I am very fond of Minecraft and have been for many, many years. I believe that playing this game, and perhaps many others, are most well enjoyed when played with friends. I currently do not have a gaming computer but have been using a tablet PC to play Minecraft as it mostly relies on CPU and RAM to run and not my state of the art Intel HD Graphics. I will be getting a new gaming computer soon though.

I think that in games of all sorts, except the ones without checkpoints, it is most important that people have fun with their friends and generally be nice to everyone' conflicts and arguments are things I would like to prevent or at least get off of public chat rooms. I try my best to stay neutral and maintain peace, while still having fun and being the same person I have always been seen as.

*Basic Information.
In-game name: Exrion
Discord name: Exrion#0854
Age: 16
Timezone: GMT+8
Current Rank: Adept
Hours on the Server: 51.5 Hours
Have you ever been banned on any community or server? If so, why?: No
Previous Usernames: sneakingninja165
What servers have you played on our network?: FTB Revelation, Skyfactory 3

Past Staffing Information.
*Have you ever been a staff member of any other online gaming community?
If so, please fill out the following fields.
*Organization name: The Goon Squad (TGS), Galaxy Pixel
*Your rank: Manager (Both)
Time as a staff member: Can't exactly remember, but it was for at least 2 years
*Your responsibilities: Help players with anything regarding TGS through Discord, Minecraft and the server console
Is the organization still running?: The Goon Squad is still around but has shut down its servers due to a coincidence where all managers and admins were all super busy during a few months, causing the servers to be not updated and eventually, its closure. The owner tried finding someone who could do it but no members or staff could or wanted to step up to do it.
As for Galaxy Pixel, it was a network doomed from the start, players were probably not enticed to join due to the owner's strict and brutal rules on profanities
*Reason for leaving (If applicable):

*Situational responses - Remember the rules everyone adheres to and the punishments for such rules being broken.
If someones house/land was griefed, how would you deal with the situation? If the player's land is unclaimed, due to ignorance or inactivity, I would not do much as a staff member but as a player, I would give them some stuff to rebuild and start again should I have the resources in-game.
What procedures would you take if you believe someone is hacking? Record down the username and take recordings and any evidence of it. Should they be causing trouble to players, instead of X-raying for ores or using Kill Aura against non-players, I will give them a temp. ban first, evaluate the situation, ask the higher-ups, should I be of the lower ranks, then based on their decision, slap the player with the ban hammer. If the player was hacking in a way to benefit themselves, I would give them a 1 week ban and a warning to never hack on the server. Should they be hacking to destroy shop economy, they might receive a ban, depending on whether the higher-ups, agree or not.
How would you deal with someone abusing in-game chat? I would give them a mute and contact them on the forums or discord to sort the matter out, should they choose to continue the obnoxious behavior, they might receive a ban, depending on whether the higher-ups, agree or not.
If someone asks for items from yourself, how would you reply? I would be happy to give them some of my stuff, should I have the resources available to them. Ifthey request for items only obtainable in creative or are banned, I would ask them to read the rules or kindly tell them that I can't do that.

*Free form responses.
How did you first find out about the ToastyNetworks? I was searching for a new network to call home, after my exams and the fall of my previous 'home' TGS
What do you believe your greatest strength is? I would say that I am patient, more lenient and more fun.
What is one thing you believe you could improve upon? The way I speak sometimes, sometimes when I say things, I do not realise any potential other or malicious meaning behind it as the way I percieved it was not meant to be mean or have any other meaning than what I have in mind, I have improved much on this aspect, but I will never know for sure.
What do you believe you can bring to the staffing team here at ToastyNetworks? I can bring something fresh, a fun staff member who can observe his duties while being a cool member of the community.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Content Creator
Apr 26, 2016
Hi Exrion,

We thank you for taking a deep interest in becoming a Staff Member here at ToastyNetworks. However, we do feel that your application and in-game experience is not up to our current standards, and therefore we must decline your application at this point. Feel free to message me on Discord or on the forums if you require any further information as to why this application was denied.

If you are still interested in becoming a part of our amazing Staff Team, be sure to continue to play and enhance your experience with our community, as well as polishing up your Staff Application. If you wish to apply again, feel free to reapply in 3 weeks.

Good luck!

-Application Denied-
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