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Aug 25, 2019
My name is max, I am from San Diego California, I am an actor, most of my free time is spent on Minecraft XD, I attend a private school with limited time frames which I can spend more time supervision if I become a staff, 16, male
In Game Name: Maxbar_52203
discord: Taco#9329
Age: 16
Time Zone: pacific Time Zone
Rank Boss, soon to be ranked up
Time: 129 hours
banned: have never been banned on any servers
servers, I have played on skyfactory 3 and StoneBlock 2
Previous Staff: never been a staff
Griefing: I would have the people who were involved tell me the full story of what happened, if there comes to no resolution in the end between the 2 people, talk to a more experienced staff to see weather there should be a ban involved, and return the items that were stolen, or undo all damage
Hacking: I would watch them for a little big and decide what hacks they would be using, and communicate about what ban I would give them and for how long, and what the process is
Abuse of chat: if someone is going against any of the rules, I would first warn them of the rule that they are breaking, if they continue to abuse the chat, then I would mute them temporarily and if still continuing, then a ban
Asking for items: for me personally I go around the server giving people free stuff is accepted, building mob spawners, giving essence, just helping out in general, if the person is requesting an item that sets them far in the game then I will deny that, but other than that I would help them out.
Free Forum Responces:
I first founf about toasty Networks by my friend, he wanted to play a modded server and introduced me to this one
Strength: I believe that my biggest strength is the care that I give, being able to communicate and support those who may need it, and just be helpful
Improve: I could improve on my acceptation of denial, I tend to get upset when I get rejected, or disrespected by others, but I am improving on tolerance and resolution to that struggle
What can I bring: I believe I can bring, communication, conflict resolution, support, building, and overall person to count on and say hey max, can you help me out with this
Thankyou for your time reviewing this application, have a good day