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Trial Moderator
Trial Moderator
Apr 15, 2019
Tell us about yourself: I regularly play on infinity evolved NA. I quit minecraft about 4 years ago after playing minecraft religiously for 3 years straight. I recently stumbled on a youtube video of modded minecraft, got a kick of nostalgia and decided to start playing again. I run a fairly successful shop in grydor's mall and focus most of my time and effort towards it.

I work odd hours for my job; I am usually online in the morning and afternoon on most weekdays, and I am online in the evening every day.

*Basic Information.
In-game name: silver_stone_64
Discord name (e.g. JohnSmith#1234): Silverscythe#6245
Age: 29
Timezone: GMT-4
Current Rank: Toaster
Hours on the Server: 543
Have you ever been banned on any community or server? If so, why?: Hacking, abusing exploits, etc... You name it, I have probably done it.
Previous Usernames: silver_stone_64 has been my username since 2012
What servers have you played on our network?: Infinity evolved NA

Past Staffing Information.
*Have you ever been a staff member of any other online gaming community?
If so, please fill out the following fields.
I have been Co-owner, Administrator, Developer, Mapmaker, Moderator, etc, for dozens of servers in the past, however, this was over 4 years ago before I quit the game and I have changed computers multiple times as well as wiped, thrown away, or used old hardrives to the point of failure many times since then. I never thought I would need that kind of information again, so I did not save it and definitely did not memorize it. Because of that, I have to leave this blank unfortunately.
*Organization name:
*Your rank:
Time as a staff member:
*Your responsibilities:
Is the organization still running?:
*Reason for leaving (If applicable):

*Situational responses - Remember the rules everyone adheres to and the punishments for such rules being broken.
If someones house/land was griefed, how would you deal with the situation? I currently do not know what powers a moderator on our server has, but in the past I would investigate the damage, who caused it, how they caused it, and if the damage was extensive enough I would rollback the area, and warn or punish the person responsible accordingly.

What procedures would you take if you believe someone is hacking? I would watch them secretly, or conceal my identity and compel them to use their unnatural abilities. Once I am satisfied with the evidence I have gathered, I would simply ban them.

How would you deal with someone abusing in-game chat? I would ask them to stop, if they continued I would warn them once more, followed by muting them for a short period of time. If the issue escalated further after that, I would mute them permanently or ban them depending on their standing on the server and what is being said. For example, If someone just joins the server for the first time and immediately starts spamming slurs in chat, and continues to do so after being warned, then it is clear that they have not come to the server to play the game, so I would ban them. However, if a regular member of the community that has never had any issues in the past suddenly decides to have a bad day and spams slurs in chat, and continues to do so after being warned, I would only permanently mute them, give them a chance to continue playing and appeal to have their speaking rights given back to them at a later date.

If someone asks for items from yourself, how would you reply? Well, I am something of a tycoon on the server right now, so I would offer to sell them the items from my personal resources. However, if they were asking because of some server issue related item loss, I would ask them how the original items were lost, and if I feel that the reason is valid and warrants an item being replaced for them, and I see that what they are telling me is true, then I would happily give them what they asked for.

*Free form responses.
How did you first find out about the ToastyNetworks? I was searching various server listing sites for an infinity evolved server to join, and toasty was the only server I joined that was reasonable in terms of server lag.

What do you believe your greatest strength is? I like to think I'm a good person, and that helps me in life. But on the other side of the coin, I am stubborn and do not roll over for anyone.

What is one thing you believe you could improve upon? I am currently a bit out of shape physically, but I have already started to fix that this summer. (to clarify, I do not have any health issues, and I am in better physical shape than most people you would find in the gym. I'm just not in as good a shape as I used to be.)

What do you believe you can bring to the staffing team here at ToastyNetworks? Availability, Knowledge, and Experience. I seem to always find myself online when issues arise and no staff are on to resolve them. People tend to look to me in those situations, and I enjoy resolving them with the limited power I have as a regular player, but for more serious issues like the frequent attacks on the server by hackers, I can only try to keep them occupied until I can get a staff member to come online, and although I do make fun out of it, I wish I could deal with those situations much faster and with my own hands. I know I can make the server an even better place than it already is, and I want to.

I also have a vast amount of knowledge of the mods in the pack and how they interact with each other, as well as a decent amount of experience using world edit. I have at least 5000 hours of experience staffing servers, but because I cannot prove it with documents, The best I can say is to let me prove it in the field.
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