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Oct 18, 2016
Tell us about yourself:

I'm 16 years old, currently doing afterschool projects in high school an working hard towards a welding career. I've got WAY too much time and a lot of experience with staffing on numerous games. GMod, Minecraft, A few other games, I understand how it works, I know how to keep my cool and professionally interact with my peers and players. Socializing is key to a sustained community, and I want to push that here as much as I can.

*Basic Information.
In-game name: VeloxicYT
Discord name : Veloxic#5140
Age: 16
Timezone: EST
Current Rank: Respected
Hours on the Server: Unsure, inbetween 20 to 48 [Hear me out at the end, please]
Have you ever been banned on any community or server? If so, why?: Nope.
Previous Usernames: memristor
What servers have you played on our network?: Tekkit Legends.

Past Staffing Information.
*Have you ever been a staff member of any other online gaming community?
If so, please fill out the following fields.
*Organization name
: Noble Networks, Null Gaming, MirrorZRP, etc etc. I'll just focus on Noble.
*Your rank: Administrator
Time as a staff member: About 6 months.
*Your responsibilities: Keeping chat clean, preventing rule breakers, pushing a safe, comforting environment for everyone involved.
Is the organization still running?: Yes, albeit with a few different server types changed.
*Reason for leaving (If applicable): Haven't left yet, I play GMod a lot and I'm getting back into MC.

*Situational responses - Remember the rules everyone adheres to and the punishments for such rules being broken.
If someones house/land was griefed, how would you deal with the situation?: I'd check the last player who interacted with the blocks / area besides the owner, pinpointing exactly who it is and dealing out punishments on it. I'd also need screenshot proof of what the owner lost, or multiple witnesses to it in order to provide the items back. [Assuming I'm the proper rank to].
What procedures would you take if you believe someone is hacking?: I would [If possible] go invisible [tab board and all] and spectate the user, depending on the hack I should be able to see it. If it's X-ray, I'd place a decoy valuable ore and watch if they go directly to it. Just a few ways of checking.
How would you deal with someone abusing in-game chat?
If someone asks for items from yourself, how would you reply?: This is up to generosity, if they aren't begging. If they are, I'd ask them to not do so. This occured to me on the server, I didn't ask for things but a great player gave me some of the best items. In certain situations this may be a rulebreak depending on what they're asking, but for most it's just if I feel like giving them.

*Free form responses.
How did you first find out about the ToastyNetworks? About two years ago I got into Tekkit Legends, and quickly I searched a list and came up with Toasty. I looked into it and bam, found an amazing community.
What do you believe your greatest strength is?
Extreme Activity, and I'm always happy to socialize and keep players entertained, also professionalism.
What is one thing you believe you could improve upon?
Opening up. I'm social on the outside, but I have a lot of problems mentally and physically that I do need to consult someone about.
What do you believe you can bring to the staffing team here at ToastyNetworks?

Amazing activity, strong dedication to my job, a fun and professional experience, socializing for players, and proper rule enforcement to make ToastyNetworks's gaming experience one you will want to come back for.


Look, I'm aware I'm under the 50 hour mark, I know. I want to help out SO badly but I've been swamped as of late and I want to support the server the best I can. It may seem like the activity contradicts this but currently I don't have much time, give me a week and I'll prove myself! But when you read this, please disregard the hours and look at it with an open mind and consideration - I only want to support the server, and I've played on it for quite a while, even if my hours prove otherwise.

Thank you for reading this application, I hope you have a wonderful day!~


Feb 22, 2017
New Jersey, USA
Hi VeloxicYT,

We thank you for taking a deep interest in becoming a Staff Member here at ToastyNetworks. However, we do feel that your application and in-game experience is not up to our current standards, and therefore we must decline your application at this point. Feel free to message me on Discord or on the forums if you require any further information as to why this application was denied.

If you are still interested in becoming a part of our amazing Staff Team, be sure to continue to play and enhance your experience with our community, as well as polishing up your Staff Application. If you wish to apply again, feel free to reapply in 3 weeks.

Good luck!

-Application Denied-
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