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  • ZonaHelix
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    hi hex... i said, Helix
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  • KaiNoMood
    It does not look you are banned. Can you try again?
  • Argusev
    Your In-game name: Argusev and SemperDraconis Action (Ban, Mute, etc) and ID: Bans 2949 and 2952 What did you do: Unsure. Logged in...
  • evenstar
    evenstar posted the thread vote contest in Server Discussion.
    Hi all, With the recent changes due to funding shortages, I was wondering if the build and vote contests have been discontinued...
  • M
    miss replied to the thread News It is time to say Goodbye...
    Rubbert, as one of the long time players from DeVco, I think I will miss the general "Pop up post" from you showing that you were still...
  • S
    Sythja replied to the thread Need Data Wipe.
    the quest books can be serious pains i know that all too well lol. checking status of the thing now.. yep had to use the command, lol if...
  • Eckxecutioner
    Eckxecutioner replied to the thread Need Data Wipe.
    Alright, sometimes we have trouble with these stupid books. Everything good now? I am not sure about how to reset your reputation, you...
  • S
    Sythja replied to the thread Need Data Wipe.
    looks like most of it went well, my questbook however didn't get reset.. can that be fixed? got a ticket up in game as well
  • S
    Sythja replied to the thread Need Data Wipe.
    ticket made
  • Eckxecutioner
    Eckxecutioner replied to the thread Need Data Wipe.
    Please do me a favor, make a /ticket in game so we can verify the username attached to this is the actual account wanting a wipe.
  • cone151
    cone151 posted the thread Sky Adventures in General Discussion.
    Hi just a quick question I was wondering when the world for Sky adventures would be available to download as it said in the post for...
  • S
    Sythja posted the thread Need Data Wipe in Report an Issue.
    Hey so I am hoping someone could wipe my data and reset my qb, basically give me a restart. It seems I was gone too long and my base...
  • Eckxecutioner
    Eckxecutioner replied to the thread Ban Appeal.
    So, the thing is, we make the rules, not you. You trying to defend yourself by arguing with mods and being childish and petty isn't...
  • J
    Jake1033 posted the thread Ban Appeal in Archived Posts.
    Your In-game name:Jake1033 Action (Ban, Mute, etc) and ID:Ban 3285 What did you do:I said deez nutz in chat and got warned for...