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Welcome fuddlewife, great to have you here!
StoneBlock 2 is a thing of the past. SF4, get ready!
Poseidon Supporter
Derp! Heya
I just started playing on a couple of servers yesterday. I've missed minecraft community; I'm looking forward to getting more active <3
Congrats on another successful trip around the sun! Hope your day is great!
Hello Lovelies
Hey dude, Have you got Discord if yes whats your name wanna chat
a a a a a
probably not for long as usual
Server is down? restart but not up again
There is an American on the Sky Factory EU server. IT'S ME! HAMBURGER! HOTDOG! BANG BANG! MURICA!
Could you Send me a Msg?
It has been more than 30 days since you were online and active in the city of Kaldara on the Revelations NA server. Your plot will be reclaimed and prepared for another users use, pending moderator approval. Your items will be held until the 45 days mark elapses and then those will be confiscated as compensation to the city management.

45 day mark = 9/25

Kaldara Mayor