How to get support on ToastyNetworks?


Make a support ticket in our #support channel on discord. Link to discord


Use the command /ticket ingame to create a ticket.


Agrarian Skies 2

Modpack version: 1.1.14
Minecraft version: 1.7.10



The original skyblock quest pack is back for 1.7.10. Follow the quest book, meet new quest givers and rebuild your world starting from almost nothing. There are multiple map options ranging from easy to hard. Your game difficulty will determine what you start with for resources. This pack completely changes the way minecraft is played. Nothing is safe from The Jaded One's tweaks.

No events or competitions planned.


This server has custom warps to places of interest.


A custom spawn built just for this modpack.


All worlds on this server are pregenerated.


Vote for our network to receive rewards on this server.


Create your own shops or browse other shops.

1) No hacking, exploits, dupes or cheats.
This includes, but is not limited to: Client modifications, unintended bugs and anything else which may provide yourself with a gameplay advantage over another user.
If you come across a dupe/exploit in-game, please report it to a staff member immediately on Discord, or on our forums.
2) Do not impersonate staff members.
Impersonation includes but is not limited to pretending to be a staff member, changing your in-game nickname to match or relate to a staff member/rank and threatening punishment.
Players can remind others of the rules, but should contact a moderator or create a report on the forums for a staff member to deal with if the situation gets out of hand.
If a staff member is handling a situation/report, do not intervene. In the majority of cases it causes more harm than good.
3) Do not spam, use excessive caps or advertise.
Spamming includes sending messages repeatedly in bulk, strings of messages that can easily be typed in one sentence and long, unnecessary chains of numbers/letters.
Excessive caps should not be used in-game. Using caps for abbreviations or singular words such as OMG, NO and AFK is allowed.
Advertising other servers in global chat or private messages is not allowed.
If you wish to advertise your stream for the server, please confirm with a staff member before doing so.
4) Do not discuss or reference any Illegal, NSFW/NSFL, or inappropriate topics. This includes swearing.
This rule is for all areas of Toasty Networks such as Discord, servers and forums.
Even though we have a chat filter, players can also be punished for bypassing the chat filter in any way.
If a staff member asks you to stop talking about a topic, please do! Staff are there to stop conversations getting out of hand.
Please remember we are a family friendly network!
5) Symbols that can cause conflict or confusion are prohibited e.g. Swastikas, political flags/emblems etc.
We understand some symbols have dual meanings, and for this reason we are disallowing symbols which can cause conflict and confusion amongst others.
Staff have the right to remove any builds which could cause offense, or be misinterpreted.
6) No harassment or bullying.
This includes but is not limited to discrimination based on: religious beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability & age.
Harassment can include: multiple TPA requests in a short space of time, repeated DMs which the player does not want to receive, setting homes/warps at players bases without permission, ruining gameplay for others & any unwanted abuse.
Please create a player report on our forums, or message a member of staff if you are being harassed, or have witnessed harassment/bullying.
7) Be respectful to players, staff and the community as a whole.
This includes respecting players’ personal space! If a player asks you to leave their area, then leave.
Staff members have the final word, regardless whether or not you think they are right or wrong. All decisions made by staff can be appealed on our forums.
8) Stick to English in global chat.
This is to keep the chat clean and reduces confusion among players.
Other languages can be used in private messages.
9) Environmental griefing or griefing of protected land is not allowed. Looting of unclaimed bases is allowed on the basis there are no serious damages to terrain.
If a player is trusted on a base, and they break/steal something without permission, then this is punishable under "griefing".
After 45 days of inactivity, claims will automatically be removed. Looting of unclaimed bases is not punishable. Players are responsible for making sure their base is claimed.
10) Evading/bypassing punishments is prohibited.
Using an alternate account to avoid mutes and bans is strictly not allowed.
Bypassing any form of punishment, will result in further punishment.
11) Bypassing AFK timer is not allowed.
This includes, but is not limited to macros and AFK machines.
12) Bypassing claim protection is not allowed.
This includes, but is not limited to using modded clients or exploits, and is highly punishable.
13) Use common sense/be sensible with designs.
Don’t build horrendously complex machines that you know are going to cause issues with the server, because they will be removed without warning.
Repeated offenses will result in punishment.
14) In-game refunds will not be given for player errors.
We will not refund any items lost by player error, as this is not the responsibility of the server.
If items are lost due to server issues, then you can submit a ticket in-game or on Discord to request an item refund. Each case will be reviewed individually by staff.

Duplication Bugs

  • Arcane Crafting Terminal
  • Oak Fancy Workbench

Claim Bypass

  • SDX
  • Network tool

Chunkloaders (Please use better chunk loaders.. /bcl)

  • No items banned for chunk loaders, as there are none

Lag + Environmental Grief

  • Rod of the Terra Firma
  • Ender Quarry World Hole Upgrade

Weather / Time

  • Rainmaker


  • Sacred Rubbert Sapling
  • Wand Focus: Warding